Winterization Service

Superior Lawn Sprinklers usually begins its Winterization Service Oct 1st, weather permitting. Our Winterization Service is by far the most important requirement for your automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system. 

Not winterizing your automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system in a timely fashion can and likely will cause damage to your system and shorten its life expectancy. When water freezes it expands and this can compromise the components of your automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system. This issue can be avoided by having us provide you with our Winterization Service. Although winterizations can be performed up to Nov. 30th, an unexpected early freeze can occur and cause damage to your system. Our company shuts down for the season on Dec. 1st. We offer Mon-Sat appointments. Our first appointment is 7am sharp. Then we offer a 2 hour scheduling appointment window (8am-10am, 9am-11am 10am-12pm, 11am-1pm, 12pm-2pm, 1pm-3pm, 2pm-4pm) with a ½ hour courtesy call, when we are on our way, to fit your busy schedule. 

Your Winterization Service begins with our professional service technicians arriving at your property as per your scheduled appointment. Our service technicians are equipped with "shoe booties" in order to not track in any outside elements. Our service technicians will then proceed to set up and activate your automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system for winterization. This is done by turning off the water supply to the automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system, connecting the hose from our air compressor to the proper winterization valve, and completely purging all of the remaining water contained within your automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system. Once this is complete, you can have the peace of mind that your automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system is "Winterized Correctly" and will be ready for the following season. 

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